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SORRY!!! Any mistake you can see along this Web site is produced by the reconstructing proccess we are carrying out.

GeNeura's main lines of research are:
  • Artificial Life, that is, an attempt to imitate within a computer some of the features of life, and, at the same time, try to provide with models and/or explain theoretically what happens in Biology.
  • Genetic Algorithms, which try to find solutions to a problem by breeding and mating good solutions and weeding out the bad.
  • Neural Nets, adaptive methods used for machine learning and classification, which are purported to be based on how the brain works.
  • Internet... 'nuff said
Our work method is based, over all, in team work, in avoiding purely academic topics, and give priority to new ideas that can be spun off to commercial products (including open-source projects).

 GeNeura, besides that, is a name, and a character inOrlando Furioso (we couldn't believe it when we saw it). The group was born in 1990, with Manolo Patón, J. J. Merelo, and some others; indeed, Manolo proposed the name. After that, lots of people came and left to work in the industry (Manolo Cillero, Antonio Bermúdez, Juan Cosano, Benedicto Rodríguez), many of them ending up in Fortune 100 companies, or as TI bosses. The initial project in which all of us worked was MbitiWorld , made even before we knew there was something called artificial life. After that, many other projects, succesful and otherwise, came and went.

Nowadays, the team, within the Architecture and Computer Technology Dept. of the Universidad de Granada, has some permanent structures (besides JJ Merelo), in the sape of people (Victor and Pedro), computers and public and private funding.

Sometimes national have looked at us, specially PCMania, where we were featured for the first time in 1994. And if you query the Internet, you'll find about a hundred of links and references to us..


GeNeura Team Departamento de Arquitectura y Tecnología de los Computadores
Universidad de Granada Granada (España)
Phone: +34-958-243162; Fax: +34-58-248993

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