GeNeura: People


J.Carpio Pedro M.Cillero
Maribel Javier J.J.
J.Quesada Victor Gustavo

José Carpio Cañada
Degree in Computer Science. He finished his Final Course Project at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Laussane. Currently, he is a fellowship supported by an european project.

Pedro Angel Castillo Valdivieso
PhD in Computer Science in July, 2000. Perceptrons and genetic algorithms are their day by day occupation, among others. He is also a fellowship, granted by the Junta de Andalucia. In his latest visit to EEUU he gained a lot of experience as bicycle runner, persecuted by really big dogs.

Manuel Cillero Peñuela
Degree in Computer Science. He is our particular prodigal son. He started to work in GeNeura Team, then left us to join Hewlett Packard trying to become a great man... and he did. But, then, he remembered the "Home, sweet home" maximum and here he is again. He is currently granted by an European FEDER project.

Maribel García Arenas
Degree in Computer Science. She is "she", the only "she" you will find here, the one who adds a female touch to this office, plenty of grave voices and ugly faces. She is an expert in data bases, and connections between them and the Web. She works as a fellowship, also granted by an European FEDER project.

Javier García Castellano
He is almost degree in Computer Science. He is centered also in data bases acceded via Internet. He is one of the new incorporations to the Team, and he looks like a good person.

Juan Julián Merelo Guervós
PhD in Phisics and proffesor in the Departamento de Arquitectura y Tecnología de Computadores at the Universidad de Granada. He is "el jefe", the boss, the master, the thinking head, the only one whose signature is valid; he has the power and, of course, the money. Any way, he works too.

José Quesada Jiménez
Degree in Psychology. He could perfectly do a study about this office's population, but he prefers to study mass media. The Eurpoean Community pays him through a FEDER project.

Víctor Manuel Rivas Santos
Degree in Computer Science and lecturer in the Departamento de Informática of the Universidad de Jaén. He colaborates actively with the GeNeura Team since their early days, and is currently trying to do his PhD thesis. His especiality is ... He plays guitar.

Gustavo Romero López
Degree in Computer Science and also granted by the Junta de Andalucía. He is doing his PhD thesis trying to graphically represnt genetic algorithm evolutions. Finding him in the deepest part of the farest cave of Spain is highly likelyhood.

Along history, a lot of people has visited us and colaborated in our research. Some of the most characteristics are:
  • Martin Hinsch, from Osnabruck, Diploma student, who started to play the harp, does not drink alcohol, and is not vegetarian either. What he does like is artificial life, science fiction and travelling.
  • Vitor Ramos, portuguese and a mining engineer, who likes chess, and nothing of the above.

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