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Granada is a city accustomed to a large touristic inflow, so its offers a huge number of accommodation options for all budgets. In addition, due to the number of students living in the city (more than 60000 during the year), there are a big amount of visitors in these ages, so there are several economical lodgings.
So the city provides dozens of hotels ranging from 5-star to 1-star ones. It must be noted that hotels in Spain (and maybe more in Granada) are usually well priced due to the competition among them. Thus, a 4-star hotel may often be in the 75-100 € range and a 3-star hotel in the 50-75 € range.
Of course, some fluctuations can happen depending on the particular hotel and the zone where it is, but special packages are also possible, allowing more economic prices.

Recommended hotels (approximate prices)

AC Palacio de Santa Paula - 5* (130 € by night)
The best hotel in the city. Located at the main street (Gran Vía) in the city centre. Well communicated to reach the ETSIIT.
more details

Abba - 4* (75 € by night)
New hotel (less than 1 year old), close to the train station and near the city centre. Well placed to get to the ETSIIT (Avda Constitución).
more details

Vincci - 4* (80 € by night)
Well-considered hotel in the city, close to the train station and near the city centre. Well placed to get to the ETSIIT (Avda Constitución).
more details

Granada Center - 4* (65 € by night)
Good hotel, not very expensive and close to a good tapas area (Severo Ochoa street, in front of the Faculty of Sciences).
more details

Carmen - 4* (55 € by night)
Cheap hotel, but with good quality. It is near to the city centre.
more details

Macia Gran Via - 3* (50 € by night)
In the main street and quite cheap.
more details

Puerta de las Granadas - 3* (70 € by night)
Just below the Alhambra. Right in the most tourist area. Only 14 rooms.
more details

Juan Miguel - 3* (45 € by night)
Cheap hotel in the city centre, close to the city hall.
more details

More accommodation places

You can find a complete list of accommodation places here

You can see a set of hotels right in the city centre in the next map.

View (Hotels) Larger Map

For students

As you can check, the prices are quite cheap even in four star hotels, but there are a huge amount of guest houses (Pensiones in Spanish) in the city.
You can download a document containing a list of them here.
Or if you prefer, there is a Youth hostel (Albergue in Spanish) in the city.

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