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Granada - Tapas

Alhambra de Granada

What are tapas?

Tapas are basically, food for free!. In every bar of the city, when you ask for one drink, you will receive a piece of food, typically a sandwich, a hamburger, meat (in sauce) with potatoes, seafood, a toast, omelette, rice, or more sophisticated dishes. There are hundreds of varieties.
Usually you can choose the tapa, but it depends on the bar.
Sometimes the barman decides for you, but that times the quality and the quantity of the tapa is increased in every drink.
The best is the price (you pay only for the drink), around 1.8 € for a coke or a beer (30 cl) in most of the places.

Tapas routes and guides

Obviously not all the bars are the same (in quality nor in quantity), so we recommend the you to visit the typical areas: Plaza de Toros, La Chana, El Zaidín, Calle Elvira o Calle Navas, among others.
As a tourist you be mainly near the city centre so here you are a guide of the main routes of tapas around that zone.
You can also download a complete guide of the "art of tapear in Granada" here.

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