[ About CS-SPORTS ]

CS-Sports is a workshop on Complex Systems and Sports celebrated in conjunction with the European Conference on Artificial Life conference.

The main topic is the intersection between complex systems and sports, for instance the application of complex networks to the description and analysis of team sports, and its application to the prediction of team performance and outcome. Team sports have a strong network component, since they are essentially a network developed along time and space, with nodes being players and links being passes and other interactions. The network paradigm allows for a strong quantitative description of a whole match, while at the same time offers some insight on how performance is achieved. This could result, eventually, in a prediction of game outcome according to network characteristics.

Complex networks, and thus emergent behavior, appear also in other aspects: transfers, and even sports support and interaction among them. Nowadays all this can be combined with the presence of sport celebrities in social networks. Finally, a complex systems approach can be applied to the evolution of robots playing sports such as Robosoccer.