[ Organizing Committee ]

Juan J. Merelo
Juan Julián Merelo is professor at the University of Granada, where he has been working since 1988. He participated in his first Alife conference in 1993 (ECAL 1993, in Brussels), and was the main organizer of the ECAL 1995 conference in Granada. Email
Antonio Mora-García
Antonio Mora-García is researcher at the University of Granada, and has a PhD in Computer Science since 2009. He has participated in several Alife conferences, starting with ECAL 2008 in Lisbon. Email
Carlos Cotta
Carlos Cotta is associate professor at the University of Málaga, and holds a PhD in Computer Science. He has been the main organizer of several conferences, including PPSN, AgentDays and Foundations of Genetic Algorithms. Email