GeNeura: Desarrollo

GeNeura team's production is focused mainly in two areas: : Web pages and Open Source programs. Of course, there are also some scientific products.


EO, or [Evolving|Evolutionary] Objects is the evolutionary computation class library. Any "chromosome" type can be used, any "genetic" operator, and if what is available does not suits you, you can create your own. Besides, it's Open Source.
GAGS is the predecessor of EO, used mainly to work with genetic algorithms.

MbitiWorld is an artificial world with little critters, each one of them able to eat, reproduce and learn using its own neural net. Check them out at their own web page , or download them from, arj-compressed, or pkzip -compresedd .
Switching to neural nets,, S-LVQ is a simple object-oriented version of Kohonen's LVQ algorithm, with a TCL/TK user interface to change params and run the program. Includes Makefiles for UNIX and old .prj for old DOS, and manual. Download it from gzip-compressed or pkzip-compressed .

Some interesting demos

Mainly genetic-algorithm related, a JavaScript GA, and a PowerPoint GA.

Web pages and programming

García Lorca: de Granada a la Luna
Done as an external contract, for the multimedia firm Atico 7.
Genetic and Annealed MasterMind
Genetic MasterMind , is a game server in which the computer tries to find out the combination, playing the old MasterMind game. It's programmed using GAGS.

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