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Born in Ubeda, Jaén, Spain . Studied Theoretical Physics at Granada University, PhD in Physics at the same university. Well, that's me. I got a degree in Theoretical Physics, but I am mainly devoted to Computer Science. My main interests are Artificial Life, Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks. Some of the things I have done are found here . I read my PhD thesis last October 26th, so now I'm Dr. JJ!. Here is a short abstract, which was accepted in ICANNGA'95. My other interests include

And music. And pets...NOT! Hmm, I'm trying to quit comic books... But I still like spanish comics

I organized, with lots of help from many others, the last european conference on artificial life [ECAL'95].

Some other things I did some time ago, applying Kohonen's SOM to protein recognition, can be found here. I also write for a Spanish internet Magazine, called Click!, which went broke last october, but since their Web page does not eat, is still around. Some of my articles are available from that page (or should be). My papers can be searched online; just enter "Merelo" as index key. Some of the stuff I do is online:

Some of my friends are also on the net. For instance, Miguel Angel , who is at Heidelberg, Germany. My mates here at the department are here. And Marcello Chiaberge, at Torino (Italy).

And my favourite jokes, which I have gratiously digitized for you, are here.

A small pics album

Any is welcome.

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