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Welcome to my personal webpage

Born in Loja more than 30 years ago, and living in a small house in Maracena (Granada), with my girlfriend Clara and my two daugthers Julia and Ana.

Since 2009 I am PhD in Computer Sciences at the University of Granada, where I obtained in 2001 my Degree in Computer Sciences.
Currently I am working as a researcher in the Computer Architecture and Computer Technology Department (ATC) in the High Technical School of Computer Sciences and Telecomunications (ETSIIT), also in the University of Granada.

I am a member of GeNeura research group. My fields of interest include Ant Colony Optimization algorithms, Self-Organizing Maps and Evolutionary Algorithms, and their application to (real) search, classification and optimization problems. In addition I work in Artificial and Computational Intelligence areas inside Videogames.

This page is under construction since 2009. I have to finish it one of these days... XD