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Are we missing new computing technologies? What interesting computing technologies are there?

Emerging technologies

JJ: For example, what about Data Bases?

Gusz: We might do authomatic computing… for example with the parameters of an algorithm, we nedd to monitor the performance of an algorithm but it is more easy to make an algorithm that auto-select the best parameters.

F. Vega: Volunteer computing can be use on that, for example, researcher submit a task and everybody try to solve the problem.

Evolution of algorithms

JJ: We can use mesaging technologies for computing because they are available for everybody

Will the canonical genetic algorithm dilute in many different technologies?

David: But there are many many differents canonical genetic algorithms.

Attender: but this position may be taked not only for EAs, but for ACO, or GP or whatever algorithm.

Biological inspiration

JJ: How far can biological inspiration go?

If we go far a way from biological inspiration… what will be happend?


Gusz: …

Attender: We do not know how the biology run


Social factors

JJ: ¿Are social factors important?

David: It is a very important.



Gusz: “Kraud” or “Craud” founding?

Anything else

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