EO Evolutionary Computation Framework

What is EO?

EO is a templates-based, ANSI-C++ compliant evolutionary computation library. It contains classes for almost any kind of evolutionary computation you might come up to - at least for the ones we could think of. It is component-based, so that if you don't find the class you need in it, it is very easy to subclass existing abstract or concrete class.


The current stable release of EO is 0.8.7, available on the old EO Web site at Granada.

EO has since moved to sourceforge, and the current development release is 0.9.1


EO was started by the Geneura Team at University of Granada, headed by JJ. Merelo. The developement team has  been reinforced later by Maarten Keijzer, the C++ wizzard, and Marc Schoenauer.

The following resources are available, thanks to sourceforge


EO has been tested and works on the following platforms: 
  • Linux with egcs 1.0.2 
  • Irix 4.0 with egcs 1.0.2 
  • Solaris with egcs 1.0.2 and gcc 2.8.1 
  • Win95/NT with CygWin/egcs 1.0.2, VC++ 5.0 and Borland Builder. Makefiles and projects files are provided. 

PPT presentation

There is a huge PowerPoint presentation which shows the EO fphilosophy, and it includes a Visual Basic macro for evolving objects in Visual Basic for Applications. You can download it from here.

Related Apps

EO 0.8.4 has been embedded in an ActiveX control, called DegaX by 3 degree students. You can download it from the DegaX directory. It's better if you download it by parts:
  • Start by the documentation, which is, as everthing else, in Spanish, explains how to decompress and use everything, and the evolutionary and Microsoftie basics. The documentation is also available from here.
  • Follow by downloading the ActiveX control, and install it. You'll need this to embed it in any application.
  • Several apps that use the ActiveX control are also there: in Visual Basic, in Visual C++, and in Excel.
  • Finally, if you feel like it, download the sources for everything.


Free, free distribution, but for commercial uses, check with us. 


New releases are made very often. Check at the EO site at sourceforge.

You can also of course use the sourceforge CVS facilities.

Mailing Lists

We would like EO to be an open development effort; that is why we have created two mailing lists to discuss future developments, solve technical problems, announce releases, publish patches, and discuss evolutionary computation in general. Join the EO mailing lists

maartenkeijzer@users.sourceforge.net - merelo@users.sourceforge.net - evomarc@users.sourceforge.net

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