Genetic Algorithm Demo in PowerPoint97

Objects can be evolved everywhere, that is why we have done a small demo that evolves things from within PowerPoint. Besides, it makes for a good couple of slides in any GA basic-level presentation. You can download it from

To run it, unzip it and then open it from PowerPoint 97. Since the GA is written in Visual Basic for Applications, you have to enable macros to load it; if not, you´ll have a stupid 4 page presentation that does nothing. Then, just show the presentation to run the demo.

From the presentation:

*This is an example of evolvable objects (
*It´s Open Source. You can insert it in yor presentations or do whatever you want with it. If you want, leave the footnote so that other people can also download it. If you make any interesting modification, please tell me.
*It´s a simple GA that evolves character strings, using mutation (which adds or substracts an integer to the ASCII value) and 2-point crossover. It uses 2-tournament selection, and fitness is the total ASCII distance to the correct string.
*Since it´s written in Visual Basic for Applications, it can also be used from Word or Excel. I´d be interested in hearing any development in this direction.

Any other comment, criticism, whatever, send me an e-mail