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Hi!. My name is Víctor and I am one of the older members of GeNeura Team, since I started working with J.J. Merelo in 1992.

I currently work as a professor at the Universidad de Jaén, more precissely at the Departamento de Informática. There, I have another web page where you can find information about my classes, papers, and so on, but (sorry!) mainly in Spanish.

As the rest of members of GeNeura Team I do my research, develop software for private companies and give courses related to IT. Some tutorials are now available thanks to those courses, you can access them on the left column (once more, only in Spanish).


      Víctor Rivas

Contact me
Mail: vrivas-AT-ujaen.es
Phone: +34 953 212344
Phone: +34 958 240589

Fax : +34 953 212472

Postal Address:
E.P.S. de Jaén
Edif. A3, Desp. 121
Campus Las Lagunillas S/N
Jaén (Spain)
Miscellaneus (in Spanish)
- Spanish sentences

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Víctor Manuel Rivas Santos
[ Profesor Titular de Escuela Universitaria Jaén ] [ Granada Colaborador ]
Dpto. de Informática
Area de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos
EPS de Jaén, Universidad de Jaén
Campus Lagunillas, Edif. A3, Desp. 121
23071, Jaén (Spain)
Mail: vrivas@ujaen.es
Tef.: +34 953212344
Fax: +34 953212472
Desp.: A3-121
Dpto. de Arq. y Tecn. de Comput.
ETSII de Granada, Universidad de Granada
C/ Daniel Saucedo Aranda
18071, Granada (Spain)
Mail: victor@geneura.ugr.es
Tef.: +34 958240589
Desp.: 33
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